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August 13, 2004
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That's right fools! Here is the Geikage (Okamakage or Yakage...I can't choose) versus Sennin who has just acquired L type sexy no jutsu...Lucky skank!

Me and ~bunkun are bleeding in the bg of her L form. Yes, bunkun that blob with blue swirly glasses is suposed to be you...told you it sucked :XD:

....yes work was boring and I typed The RULES it there XD

Offical Hidden Village of Yaoi sign

Official Rule of Hidden Village of Yaoi

As decreed by Yaoidaime MD:

-Anyone can join but in order to be initiated, Candidates must be able to sexy no jutsu
into a bishonen/beshienen persona and/or be able to duplicate a bishonen/beshienen ( Those who master Iruka and/or Kakashi duplication
will be cordially invited to the Geikage's Residence)

-Anyone can Yaoi Battle anybody at anytime. Battle must be done in bishonen/beshienen form; no female forms can fight.
A coin must be flipped to determine who will choose the battle: either Seme Game battle or Big O battle.
A neutral bystander must be there to referee.

-If a Seme Game Battle is chosen, rivals will engage in sex and sexual jutsus (including hand seals) until one
is declared Seme and the other is ukefied to tears or otherwise. If the battle gets too violent or too close to call,
the referee must end it and determine a winner or tie.

-If Big O Battle is chosen, rivals will engage in sex and sexual jutsus (including hand seals) until one has reached climax
and is declared winner. If the battle gets too violent or too close to call, the referee must end it and
determine a winner or tie.

-The winner of either of the previous battles will then decide the destiny of the loser: either acquires a new
jutsu or hand seal(if applicable) from the loser or make the loser his/her bitch until the winner engages in a new Yaoi Battle.
(It goes without saying that everyone in Hidden Yaoi Village is the Geikage's bitch)

-Anyone, regardless of rank, can only battle the Geikage after you have acquired 3 wins from a Yaoi Battle.

-If the challenger wins a Yaoi Battle with the Geikage, the next battle will be p0rn artz Battle.

-In p0rn artz Battle, the challenger must beat the Geikage by making a more graphic, homoerotic art piece than the Geikage.
Both entries will be judged Yaoi Village ass-hungry elders counsel.

-If the challenger wins the p0rn arts Battle, the title Geikage is bestowed upon him/her. The retired Geikage
will become apart of Yaoi Village ass-hungry elders counsel.

L Ooba Tsugumi & Obata Takeshi
Caz ~Go-Devil-Dante
Bunkun ~bunkun
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powerfulnidoqueen91 Dec 22, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i know i'm a girl but can i join in as my half human half pokemon girl version of L she is just as cute if not more? i'd do any thing for L.
powerfulnidoqueen91 Dec 22, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i'd so tackle him and kiss him right now if i was her. ^ ^
i wish i could join but i cant draw 4 shit cries :crying:
Wow. That's all I can say. Fucking amazing XD

I want to join, oh Yaoikage-sama! Then again I can't draw worth crap so I stalk. ^^
Anoki-Doll Apr 27, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YES!!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahaha! that is greater then great! i would SO love to do that! Man-porn is fun to draw! WHEEEEE!
you are my hero of the day!
sexybeat Mar 11, 2005
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:heart::heart::heart: thats caz???? OMG!! i thought it was a boy!!!!! ahhh who cares!!! i still love her/him!!! and you!!!!!!!
ZombiDJ Mar 5, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
waaah shmexy L coming through XDDDDD
thats just friggin great~! :heart::heart::heart: :D
hahahhaah *cackles*. tis amusing
TeacupLion Aug 21, 2004  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you're such a pimpseme it makes me squee.
what a brilliant girl you are!! o_o
I... would like to be the referee for EVERY event/ match plz XD
as much as i dont like being ppls bitch, I TOTALLY have to try and draw myself a la Sexy no Justsu now XD
curse you and you sexellent ideas!!
*scampers off to draw*
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