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June 1, 2005
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Create-a-Nin Contest: Midoriho by massive-destruction Create-a-Nin Contest: Midoriho by massive-destruction

This my entry: Midorihou Yuudoku ( みどりほう ゆうどく ) oh how clever, a name that says what he is :P

For 's Create-a-Nin Contest --> [link]

description given:
This opportunistic ninja is tall and has a lithe build.
His beady eyes are blue. He has straight, short, soot-black hair. His uncomplicated outfits are usually olive-green.
He uses a classic form of martial arts that emphasizes deceiving one's opponent.
He is skilled in poison-making, acrobatics, and negotiation.
His body has traits reminicent of a panther.

So, I made his outfit very uncomplex, not many buttons and holes and fashionable accessories. He does have a panther claw motif on his pant legs, his boots and on his bandana/dew-rag, that's about as flashy as it gets.

I really disliked the colors that were choosen, but I do think they fit well with the deception part (cameoflague!).

The claws on the end of his knuckles and fingernails are poisonous, and he keeps extras on one of his silver belts. The second silverbelt holds throwing needles; his arm guards also hold these poison-tipped needles as well.

His face is painted to accent his panther-like looks. His is the only black ninja (ningro? :lol: jk) so far I think to enter. The tail he carries is a trophy attached to his hip with the silver chain. He has purposely sharpened his teeth to look more intimidating. He keeps a trim diet to be flexible and stlk "prey" through the trees where he is light on his feet and keeps a steady grip with his hand and foot claws.

As far as negotiating, as you can see, he has one...with someone from Konoha village. Tsk-tsk should have listened to a crazy 7 ft tall black panther nin.

I included the bw art because I think my color ruined it. I also included the sketch where he is standing normally so you can see how simple his outfit is.

Yeah, I'm tired. Wish me luck! I worked hard on this- mostly out of respect of Z, a long time sempai.
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Did he kill Naruto? Or some other Leaf-nin?
holy crap that looks awesome! fantastic job!!! I love how intimidating he turned out to be, and it shows that you put a lot of work into it, very well-crafted, again, good job =)
he looks evil! wicked! nice...
With the contest long over, I figured I can comment now.

Definitely a well-done piece. You really added a sense of character, engineered all the details, and created a coherent whole. His animalistic appearance and stance really helps make the picture - and the headband in his mouth makes me wonder if he uses his fangs to fight as well . . .
massive-destruction Jan 24, 2006   General Artist
Thanks for the comment - but as you know I placed 4th and I really really thought I would win ;3; Oh well - that's what I get for being cocky XD
You had seriously stiff and tough competition, don't worry.
This is cool, and eerily reminds me of The Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3...good job.
Kaiyuga Jul 29, 2005  Student Filmographer
O_O I do NOT wanna mess with him! XD I love the outline of his character and his personality. Just don't get on his bad side, ne?
I love he shading of the tree alot :3 keep up the good work ;p
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